New Contractors: Don't Be Afraid to Rent Equipment

  • 2 Reasons To Purchase Heavy Construction Equipment Instead Of Renting It

    4 January 2017

    If you have your own construction business, then you are going to need to use a large variety of heavy construction equipment. Because of this, you are going to need to determine whether or not you should rent or purchase the equipment that you need. There are some situations where renting may work well for you, but there are also other situations where it is going to be in your best interest to purchase the equipment instead.

  • A Quick Look At Common Safety Mistakes Owners Make With Rotary Screw Air Compressors

    3 January 2017

    If you are on the lookout for the best air compressor for your industrial setting, there is no doubt that the rotary screw air compressor is a top choice for the running. This air compressor is a powerhorse of compressed air and offers a range of advantages in an industrial setting. However, because these air compressors are a little more complex and have more moving parts than most, they can also be a little more dangerous to use.