New Contractors: Don't Be Afraid to Rent Equipment

  • Deciding on Diamond Blades

    8 December 2016

    When it comes to the quality and efficiency of your production practices, having access to the right equipment is essential. If you rely on heavy machinery to cut or shape raw materials in order to complete your production processes, having the right blades installed on these machines is critical to your company's production. Blades coated in diamond grit could be beneficial in helping to streamline your production processes. Here are three important characteristics you can take into consideration to help you decide if switching to blades coated in diamond grit can help you maximize the efficiency of your company's production machinery in the future.

  • Can't Get Rid of Your Used Forklifts? Alternative Markets to Try

    5 December 2016

    If you are a construction company or warehouse business that is going out of business, you may be trying to sell off your equipment piece by piece or lot by lot. Whichever way you opt to sell your things, some items may be a hard sell. Take used forklifts, for instance. It takes some creative marketing to unload such a commonly used item. If you cannot get rid of your forklifts, here are some alternative markets to which you may be able to sell them.

  • 3 Reasons To Utilize An Electronic Recycling Service For Your Business

    2 December 2016

    One of the most useful resources at the disposal of your company is an electronic recycling service, mostly because this service can help you dispose of electronic equipment and components in a safe manner. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to consider utilizing electronic recycling service for your business. Environmentally Friendly One of the biggest reasons to utilize electronic recycling service for your business is the fact that it is much safer for the environment.

  • DIY Doesn't Mean Decrepit: Use Warehouse Handling Gloves For Added Safety At Home

    1 November 2016

    If you are planning to do some DIY work like renting an excavator (from a company such as Independent Lift Truck Of Alaska) to tear up part of your yard, you need to get safety supplies. However, don't limit yourself to garden gloves and other basic apparel. If you're doing work that would be considered industrial, you will benefit from having the same safety gear as those doing the same type of work on a professional basis.

  • Is It Time To Invest In An Aerial Lift For Your Small Construction Business?

    20 October 2014

    If you work as a handyman or operate a small construction business, you've probably avoided buying a lot of large, heavy equipment. It's true that staying away from these purchases can help you keep your expenses low, but that doesn't mean that you can't benefit from making an investment every now and then. For example, even the smallest of construction businesses can benefit from an aerial lift. If you're unsure of whether or not you need to invest in this type of equipment, ask yourself these questions.