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Why Use Form Release Agents On Your Concrete Molds?

by Ian Howard

If you need to shape concrete or use it to create specific designs, such as columns, then you might have decided to use formwork products on your build. These molds create a holding container for poured concrete. When you put concrete into the mold, it sets into its shape.

While some formwork products stay in place after construction, others are removable. Once the concrete sets, you peel the formwork off the concrete.

In some cases, it pays to use a form release agent on temporary molds. How do these agents work? What are the advantages of using them?

How Does a Concrete Form Release Agent Work?

A form release agent makes it easier to remove formwork from set concrete. You spray, wipe, or dip an agent on the inside of a formwork mold before you use it. While agents all prevent a mold's material from sticking to its concrete, you can choose from two different types.

First, you can use barrier agents. These substances create an additional filmy barrier between poured concrete and its formwork mold. They are composed of oily materials which don't stick to the concrete or the mold.

Second, you can use chemical release agents. These products start to work when they come into contact with wet concrete. They then create a soapy substance that prevents the concrete from sticking to its mold.

Why Use Concrete Form Release Agents?

Temporary formwork products aren't meant to stay in place at the end of a build. You peel them off the concrete when it has set.

However, this process isn't guaranteed to work well every time you remove a mold. If some of your mold's material sticks to the concrete, then you'll have to put in some work to get it off. This can take time, and you might have a wait until you can move on to the next part of your build.

Plus, formwork can leave residue and marks on its concrete. For example, if you use a spiral mold on a column build, then your column might have spiral lines on it when you remove the mold. Your concrete's finish might not be smooth.

If you add a release agent to your formwork process, then you eliminate these problems. The agent will make it a lot easier and faster to remove a mold in one piece. If your mold doesn't adhere to your concrete while it dries, then you'll also get a higher-quality and smoother finish.

To find and buy the best formwork release agent for your project, contact concrete accessories suppliers. For more information on concrete accessories, contact a company near you.