New Contractors: Don't Be Afraid to Rent Equipment

Things To Consider When Renting A Lift For Your Project Or Job

by Ian Howard

If you have a project or job requiring you to work high above the ground and ladders can not provide stability, an aerial lift rental could be the best solution. You will need to consider some things when you are looking for lifts to ensure you get the right one for your needs, but the rental company can help.

Rental Services

Aerial lift rental services are available in most areas, and many of them will deliver the equipment to the job site for you. When you go into the shop to see what they offer, go over your job requirements with the employee so that they can recommend a lift for your situation. 

There are many different lift styles, so the work you are doing and how often you need to move the lift during the job can play a significant role in selecting one. A stationary lift may be suitable for some situations, but if you are working in multiple parts of the building, you will need to be able to move easily from one area to another. 

Power Source

It is vital to consider how the lift you are renting from the aerial lift rental service is powered. There are electric, gasoline, diesel, and propane-powered lifts available, but using gas or diesel-powered lifts inside a building would be dangerous, so choosing an electric or propane unit is better.

Talk to the aerial lift rental service about the options they offer, so you can get the right one for your needs. If you are working outside, you can use gas or diesel lifts, but if you are working near a building with windows, you should also consider the possibility that the exhaust could drift in if the windows are not tight or if they are open. 

Lift Height

The height of the aerial lift rental you can get often varies from a few feet to several hundred feet. Selecting a lift that is too high will make it tough to maneuver, but one that is not tall enough could be unsafe to use. For the lift to work correctly, you need to be able to work from the platform without stretching over the side of the lift, and you should be able to remain flat-footed while using the lift.

If you are working on something thirty feet in the air, a twenty-five-foot lift is not going to work, but a thirty-five-foot lift could be a perfect fit. Talk with the aerial lift rental service about the height you are working at, and they can recommend a lift that will be safe to use at that height.