New Contractors: Don't Be Afraid to Rent Equipment

Shop For A Tractor That Contains Custom Features

by Ian Howard

Tall crops or brush and narrow passageways may not support the use of a large tractor. If your farming or construction duties are going to require the use of a custom tractor, a manufacturer may offer an online filtering system that will allow you to compare models and be matched with a local dealer.

Compact And Specialty Models

A compact tractor resembles a midsize and large model tractor but will be smaller in size. The same type of materials are used to construct the body, wheels, and mechanical parts of a compact model and a larger model. A compact model may not have a fuel tank that is as large and the amount of horsepower that this type of machinery possesses could be relatively less than a larger tractor model.

Compact models tend to cost less than larger models but are still beneficial to use in many job applications. A specialty model tractor may be one that is narrow in width and that contains a low or high profile. The type of land that a tractor will be used on can help you pick a specialty model that will be adequate for your workload. Compare the horsepower (HP) ratings and transmission and engine types of several tractor models.

Custom Features

You may like some of the features that one tractor possesses and some that another one has. If a tractor manufacturer offers an online tool that can be used for the customization of a tractor, you may be able to combine all of the positive attributes of both types of machinery and create a tractor that includes all of them. Attachments, accessories, and transmission types can be selected when you build your own piece of equipment.

Industrial tractors that are used in the construction field may contain a crane boom and a drawbar. This type of tractor can be used to remove earth, lift and transport logs and other bulky materials, and prepare land for planting. Some tractor types are designed to be used for small-scale operations. Preparing a plot for growing and cutting grass are two of the jobs you can use a garden tractor for.

With the right extensions, however, you may be able to utilize your new equipment for both agricultural and construction purposes. Once you have acquired the base rate for a tractor type that you like, add all of the components that you want your new machine to possess. Afterward, request to be matched with a local dealer who can aid you with the purchasing process.