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3 Types Of Services Offered By Hydraulic Shops

by Ian Howard

As the owner of any business who relies on heavy construction equipment, such as cranes, dozers, and earthmovers, it is highly important that you get to know the location of hydraulic shops in your area to turn to for help when you need it. Take a look at some of the things these professionals can help you out with when you run into problems with your heavy equipment. 

1. Hydraulic Pump Repair - Hydraulic pumps are used on everything from dozers to tractors because they have the ability to lift an incredible amount of weight. If just one hydraulic pump stops function in your heavy equipment, it can slow down the rate of production for your entire operation. Hydraulic pumps are filled with hydraulic fluid, and the most common problem is with the fluid itself. Thankfully, a good hydraulic shop can take your pumps and make the necessary repairs quickly so you can get your equipment back up and running. 

2. Hydraulic Cylinder Remanufacturing - Hydraulic cylinders are installed in a lot of different types of equipment. These cylinders can be present for different purposes, so they come in a wide range of styles and types. Having a good hydraulic shop to help you out when your hydraulic cylinder has a problem is super important in the construction business. You can pull off a bad cylinder, take it to the hydraulic shop, and they can usually remanufacture the cylinder for you so that it looks and performs like a brand-new unit. Because these pieces are so expensive to buy new, having hydraulic cylinders remanufactured will save you a lot of money over time. 

3. Hydraulic Motor Overhaul and Repairs - Many heavy construction pieces rely on hydraulic motors because they have the capability of handling heavy-duty work. Hydraulic motor overhaul involves going in and replacing the primary parts of the motor to restore it to a better-functioning state. If you have a piece of heavy equipment that boasts a hydraulic motor, a regular mechanic is not who you will see when that motor has problems; a hydraulic repair shop will handle the process of mending the motor, whether it needs only a quick repair or a complete overhaul. 

In the end, you will likely visit a hydraulic shop regularly if you own heavy equipment that gets used on an everyday basis for your business. Reach out to the machine shops in your area to find out if they offer hydraulic repairs. For more information, check out a website like