New Contractors: Don't Be Afraid to Rent Equipment

All The Ways In Which Crane Services Can Benefit Your Construction Company

by Ian Howard

Operating a construction company means that you have to make some tough choices sometimes. These choices frequently include whether or not to purchase new heavy construction equipment. A deciding factor in that choice is how often you intend to use that piece of equipment; will it be worth the purchase? There is also the possibility of renting just about anything you could want to rent. Take crane services as an example. Here are all the ways in which the services provided by a crane rental company can help you with a project.  

Rent the Crane Rather Than Buying It

You could spend nigh onto a hundred grand buying a brand-new crane. Are you going to use it on every project you do? Probably not; cranes are only used in certain circumstances and for certain projects. Why borrow that much money for a piece of equipment you will probably only use a few times a year? Instead, rent your crane when you need one, and pay for it on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

Delivery and Pick-up Services

Crane rental companies typically offer delivery and pick-up services on most of the cranes they offer for rent. It is a convenience that you could really make use of, considering that neither you nor your employees would have to leave the work site to go pick up the crane and bring it back or leave to drop it off when your crew is done using it. Check with the rental company as there may be an extra charge for pick-up and/or drop-off services. 

Crane Operators for the Cranes

A full service crane rental company may extend to you an operator for the crane. This is especially helpful if no one on your work crews knows how to operate a crane, and you do not want to risk any damage to the project or to the crane itself. If it is offered, take it, because then damage to the crane is the responsibility of the provided driver, and not to you or your construction company. When you rent a crane and you do not have a driver for it (or refuse a certified driver), you assume responsibility for whatever happens to it. 

You Can Put in Bids for Projects That Will Need a Crane, but Charge Less 

Your competitors who do have a crane are getting the bigger projects. If you want some of that action, you can check daily and weekly rental prices for cranes, and then put in bids for those same projects using crane rental prices It will allow you to charge less and underbid your competitors, who are probably charging more to cover the purchase cost of their cranes.