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A Quick Look At Features Of A Good Gooseneck Lowboy Trailer

by Ian Howard

If you consistently haul heavy equipment, having the right kind of trailer is a great advantage, and most people in this situation will go for a gooseneck lowboy trailer. Gooseneck lowboy trailers work well for heavy equipment hauling because they sit low to the ground, keeping the center of gravity of the loaded trailer at a more balanced place, so it is easier to tow the heavy weight.  However, not all gooseneck lowboys are the same. In fact, the different lowboy models can vary wildly from one to the next. Here is a look at a few features you should be looking for in a gooseneck lowboy trailer. 

Removable Gooseneck

Not all lowboys have a gooseneck that comes off, but the best of them will. This feature may make the trailer a little more costly to invest in, but it is a feature that is well worth the price. When the gooseneck section of the lowboy trailer is removable, it means you can essentially load large equipment from either side of the trailer simply by taking the gooseneck section off. Additionally, with the gooseneck removed from the lowboy trailer, the trailer itself is much easier to store because it is nowhere near as long. 

Hydraulic Suspension 

You have a lot of options when it comes to the suspension system that is integrated into a lowboy gooseneck. You can always go for spring suspension, which is almost always the cheaper option and by far the most common, but a hydraulic suspension system will give you a much smoother ride when you are barreling down the highway. In the long term, a hydraulic suspension system on the trailer will mean less wear and tear on the vehicle that is towing the trailer. Therefore, even if a hydraulic suspension system is not the most inexpensive type, it is well worth the investment to protect the life of your vehicle. 

Low-Weight Build 

When you are figuring how much a vehicle can safely tow, you need to know what a trailer weighs and then take into consideration what is loaded onto the trailer. If the lowboy itself is heavy in weight, it means you will not be able to load as much equipment on the trailer and safely pull it. It is usually the better bet to go for the lowboy trailers that have a less hefty weight, as these will give you more room for whatever it is you are hauling. 

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