New Contractors: Don't Be Afraid to Rent Equipment

Helpful Advice For A Crane Rental

by Ian Howard

Have you been saving up money for a crane so you can open a construction business? If you are tired of the long wait, it is possible for the business to be opened before the crane has been purchased. All you will need is a crane rental until enough money has been saved for your own. You might even bring in enough business profits fast enough to purchase your own crane shortly after the business is opened. This article covers a few things that should be known if you decide to move forward with a crane rental.

Plan to Keep the Crane Rental Safe

When you first rent a crane, it is smart to do a thorough inspection of it. Make sure that the crane is in good shape, as you don't want to be held responsible for damages that are already there. It is important for you to keep the crane in a good condition after you have taken possession of it. Plan to purchase bright lights that can be used on construction sites, as it can deter criminals from damaging the crane. You should also purchase a construction fence that can be placed around construction sites and make it difficult for criminals to access the crane.

Make Sure Using a Crane Does Not Break Regulations

It is not likely that you will need a permit to rent a crane. However, there might be state laws that regulate how a crane can be used. For example, if you will need to block off a portion or entire street during a construction project, you might need a permit. Being that you will be running a construction business, you might need to apply for a permit for each project that requires using a crane. Even blocking off a sidewalk can possibly break a regulation.

Consider Hiring a Rigger for Projects

If you don't intend on hiring employees to assist with the crane on projects, you might want to hire a rigging contractor. Without assistance from a professional rigger, you would have to handle setting up and operating the crane on your own. A rigger can make sure the hoist, chains, and straps are secure enough to safely lift objects. He or she can also operate the crane on your behalf, which is a big benefit if you don't have the right skills for operating a crane in a productive manner. A rigger will be useful until you are actually able to hire your own crane operators.

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