New Contractors: Don't Be Afraid to Rent Equipment

Can't Get Rid of Your Used Forklifts? Alternative Markets to Try

by Ian Howard

If you are a construction company or warehouse business that is going out of business, you may be trying to sell off your equipment piece by piece or lot by lot. Whichever way you opt to sell your things, some items may be a hard sell. Take used forklifts, for instance. It takes some creative marketing to unload such a commonly used item. If you cannot get rid of your forklifts, here are some alternative markets to which you may be able to sell them.


Believe it or not, farmers use forklifts, and they love them. Nothing gets a downed cow back on her feet quite like the slow and gentle lift of a forklift, and nothing gets several heavy bales of hay into the barn quite like a forklift either. If you live within a hundred miles of farming or ranching country, check with all of the farmers or ranchers to see whether they would like to buy a used forklift.

Equipment-Rental Stores

You bought and used equipment, and now you may want to sell it to an equipment-rental store. This works, though, because the equipment-rental store does not have to break in the forklifts they buy from you. They also do not have to charge a higher rental price because they are not buying new equipment to rent to others. They can charge old rental-equipment prices and turn a profit on their purchase from you in about a year or two (and that is exactly how you can market a forklift to these companies).


You may be wondering why a landscaper might want a used forklift. This is simple, really. Landscapers need forklifts for moving and transplanting trees and bushes. They could also use the forklifts for moving very heavy statuary and large fountains. Lumber and glass for greenhouses and sheds are also more easily moved with a forklift. The landscapers could use them in the warehouses too, where they stock and grow trays of flowers and plants.

City Workers

There is a city or township garage for every city and town in this country. The workers in this garage are responsible for the trucks and the movement of supplies. Call or visit the city garage during open hours to see whether they need any more forklifts for their daily tasks. Winter is an especially good time for this conversation, since tons of salt and bags of sand have to be moved around for de-icing.